EM Atelier

Welcome Friends & Art Lovers!  

We created EM as a multidisciplinary queer art space and studio to help bring custom creations to life and more importantly, connect and aid with our community. EM Art House was created by Essie & Mercy, who both have a deep passion for a wide spectrum of art.  While Essie is a Fine Artist and creates pieces by hand, Mercy is a Performance Artist who showcases and choreographs pieces through movement.

My name is Essie (they/them).  Thank you for visiting our page!

I've loved creating with my hands for as long as I can remember.  I have a BFA with a concentration in Sculpture & Photography. I've always loved working with wood but when I discovered the medium of resin,  I knew it was something I would forever create with!  It gives me great joy being able to create  for your home, special occasions, loved ones, or just as a self treat!

Hi everyone! Im Mercy! (she/they)

I have been performing and dancing since I was three years old.  I am a fusion dancer combining elements of vogue, Bollywood, burlesque, and classical South Indian dance in my performance style. I am also a licensed social worker, adolescent counselor, dance teacher, and published academic writer/researcher. Besides being Essie's mixing assistant, our vision for EM art house is beyond selling merchandise to customers. We plan to expand EM by offering performances, mental health based resources, dance classes, meditations, and community gatherings where our customers join us in reaching our mission of helping those in need through our art.